Soggy film equipment? on…

Winter is rough on sound recording gear and film gear in general, especially in close proximity to Manchester.It’s important to get everything as dry as possible after one of those days when, as good as your weatherproofing system might be( and both my Orca and KT systems bags are exemplary), it just isn’t possible to keep gear completely away from the elements.

Equally radio mics can receive a punishing in the summer due to (how can we put this delicately?) perspirational issues. When we were filming in Borneo with 8 radio mics out all day,every day I was often up until midnight drying the damn things out.We bought every last speck of silica gel available in Kuching city and I was constantly recycling it with the hotel hairdrier.Nightmare.

And silica gel costs a fortune...unless you go to a pet store and buy Silica gel kitty litter! 4.99 for a 5 litre bag. I’m estimating that this is 10,000 times cheaper than buying it from a well known highstreet electronics retailer.

And you know those horrible nylon socks that they give you on airplanes,which you find at the bottom of your carryon baggage when you get home? Finally a use for them.Shovel a load of silica crystals into one and keep it in your kit case.

It also works quite well if you have a MX5 with a leaky roof.But you get through it a fair bit quicker .

Your welcome. 🙂