The story behind the elephant photo…

I have been asked about the story behind the elephant photo…

I was lucky enough to be involved as a location sound recordist for the Groundbreak documentary film examining the changing fate of elephants in Thailand, and the growing awareness among travellers of the abuses inherent in the traditional training programme.

Things are altering fast.The laws regarding the treatment of elephants changed recently,and since they are no longer legally considered livestock,elephants now have more rights to protection.

All good news so far,however,the new situation is creating knock-on problems for the mahouts who used to earn a living with them.Unemployed elephants are expensive to keep!

The lady sat next to me under Jumbo is Lek, she is one of the many people we met trying to provide solutions.In Leks’ case she is running a sanctuary which allows the animals to roam more freely,whilst raising funds to promote awareness of the the increasingly complicated issues surrounding Thailands’ national animal.

You can watch the trailer here: