I pride myself on owning and maintaining state of the art sound capture gear.

The kits are all customisable to accommodate practically any sound requirement, from full feature drama to lightweight documentary. All flightcased,with bespoke carnet list breakdowns available upon request.

The equipment is all transported in a dedicated, racked out sound vehicle(can take me plus two)
It’s all ready to go at the drop of a hat, and having everything along means that unexpected extras or emergency back up gear can often be sourced instantly.
It makes a good voice over studio as well!

Key components:

  • Sound Devices 788T timecoded 12 track field mixer/ recorder
  • Sound Devices 744T timecoded 4 track field mixer/ recorder
  • Multiple Audio Ltd 2040 diversity radio channels
  • Wireless hop for cable free audio-to-camera
  • Full drama sound trolley with AD149 flatbed mixer
  • SQN field mixer
  • Large array of personal mics and fitting solutions (Usually Cos11 or Tram)
  • 2 Sennheiser 416 shotgun mics
  • 2 Sanken cs1 shotgun mics
  • Reporter mics with radio link
  • Multiple high quality radio headsets for both boom ops and multiple production staff/clients.
  • Talkback / IFB solutions
  • Various playback options
  • Crates and crates of cables,mic stands,magic arms,ratchet straps,DI boxes,drapes,gaffer tape,oddball adapters… etc!

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Email patrick[at]